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Diverse Music

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Matt talks about vinyl

We dropped in to Diverse Music in May and chatted to Matt behind the counter during a quiet moment as he unpacked the latest high-quality pressings.  While the speakers filled the space with beautiful instrumental music, this is what he had to say about what the shop offers:

"If you want any information on turntables, cartridges, speakers, amplifiers and so on we can help – we also dabble in that.  As for vinyl, we love the format. There are definitely more layers of tone than you’ll get on your average CD system. You get more in-depth intricacies of sound on a £150 amplifier/speaker/turntable system than you get on a CD system, unless you are paying out serious cash – say £600 - for a CD player that can pull out all that information from the disk. 

I grew up with CDs, but after coming to vinyl I couldn’t be without it now.Our door is always open and we’re always interested in speaking to people who have come across the format for the very first time. Everyone’s particular music-buying needs are different, but we can offer help and advice as best we can."

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